Pokémon Go Guide: Egg Guide Generation 2

With the release of the Generation 2 Pokémon, we will start updating our guides and adding new ones to reflect the changes in the game. As far as we know, the Level Rewards have not changed. If you’re looking wanting to know what you can get in eggs from the Gen 1 Pokémon, here is the Egg Guide for that. The Generation 2 Egg guide is after the jump.

Sprite Pokémon Egg Group
Generation II 2 KM Egg hatches
  Aipom 2KM
  Chikorita 2KM
  Totodile 2KM
  Cyndaquil 2KM
  Misdreavus 2KM
Pichu 2KM
Remoraid 2KM
Slugma 2KM
Togepi 2KM
Cleffa 2KM
Igglybuff 2KM
Ledyba 2KM
Generation II 5 KM Egg hatches
Elekid 5KM
Sneasel 5KM
Yanma 5KM
Girafarig 5KM
Natu 5KM
  Magby 5KM
  Phanpy 5KM
Qwilfish 5KM
Shuckle 5KM
Smoochum 5KM
Stantler 5KM
Tyrogue 5KM
Wobbuffet 5KM
Wooper 5KM
Dunsparce 5KM
Generation II 10 KM Egg hatches
Gligar 10KM
Miltank 10KM
Larvitar 10KM
Mantine 10KM
Mareep 10KM
Pineco 10KM
Skarmory 10KM
Sudowoodo 10KM

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