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Mewtwo Gets His Mega Stones In Pokémon Sun & Moon

Nintendo and Game Freak have announced the distribution of  the Mewtwo Mega Stones for Pokémon Sun and Moon. They are planning on releasing most Mega Stones via distribution over a period of time. Beedrill will be the next distribution as it will be receiving Beedrillite and Mawilite for entering in the 2017 International Challenge which begins on March 7th 2017. A shared serial code will be given out in April for both of these.

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Pokémon Go Christmas Event Detailed

Update 12/20/16 – Just wanted to point out that this is probably no longer what we will be having for the Christmas event. As of right now, everything below is unconfirmed and a rumor.

With the success of the Pokémon Go Halloween event, it was only a matter of time before they announced one for Christmas as well. Yesterday we reported that the second generation of Pokémon may be releasing in just a couple of days. What effect this will have on the Christmas event has yet to been announced. But we do know what Pokémon will be appearing…

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