Niantic Warns Pokémon Go Players Using Third Party Apps

Niantic Labs has started rolling out a warning to players about using third party apps with their Pokémon Go game. This includes any app that allows users to “change the way the game is played” and not how Niantic intended for it to be played. These include Pokémon finder apps, gps spoofing, and IV calculators.

As you can see below, this is the warning that fiancepeas got for using a third-party calculator.

Players from around the community are split pretty much down the middle. Some don’t see IV Calculators as a form of cheating and others do. Pokémon Go does give you a way to check how good your Pokémon are, but it’s not as exact as a calculator. I get wanting to crack down on cheaters, but I think there are quite a few other things that are a little more important to address than people using IV Calculators and Pokémon Finder Maps.

Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.



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