Pokémon Go Guide: Pokémon Go Plus Lights – What They Mean

With the Pokémon Go Plus peripheral coming back into stock in stores around the world, there is a lot going on with this device that the manual doesn’t tell you. Most of the lights are pretty easy to figure out, but with the combination of lights and the vibration it might just leave you wondering what the heck is going on with this thing!? We have a guide for all of your Pokémon Go Plus needs, so that you’ll never have to guess again!

When What Color? Vibration? Meaning
Anytime Green Buzz x6 A wild Pokemon appears!
Blue Blip blip x6 PokeStop nearby!
Yellow Unknown There’s a Pokemon you haven’t caught
Red Blip blip blip x3 Phone out of range
Red Buzz x1 No internet connection
After pressing Green White Buzz x3 You’re about to catch a Pokemon…
Red Buzz x1 Your Pokemon storage is full
Red Blip x3 You’re out of Pokeballs
After Green and White Rainbow Buzz x5 You caught the Pokemon!
Red Blip x3 The Pokemon ran away
After pressing Blue Rainbow Blip x3 You got items from the PokeStop!
Red Buzz x1 PokeStop is out of range
White Buzz x1 Your item bag is full
After pressing with no light No light Blip x1 Pokemon Go Plus connected
Blue blink No vibration Pokemon Go Plus disconnected
White blink No vibration Pokemon Go Plus ready to pair
No light No vibration Replace battery

This concludes another Pokémon Go Guide. You can also check these following guide to help you in your quest to become a Pokémon Master:

Stay tuned as we give you our impressions of the Pokémon Go Plus device within the next few days!


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