This New App Can Save Your Battery Life For Pokémon Go

If you’re like me while playing Pokémon Go, you probably carry around a wall charger or a car charger because the drain on the phone is pretty extreme. A new app that was released will help you save on some of the battery drain while you are walking around trying to hatch eggs.

The app is called “Proximity Service” and you can download it from the Google Play store. This app turns the phone’s screen off when the proximity sensor is blocked. Making it ideal for when you’re walking around and maybe wanting to enjoy the real world – while still tracking your steps for your Pokémon Eggs.

While it’s not as effective as the Pokémon Go Plus device, it is an alternative until those become more available than they are now. This does not break the Niantic terms of service for Pokémon Go. We are testing this out later tonight to see how much a difference it makes in the battery life and will update this post sometime later tonight/early tomorrow morning.

Until then…have fun and catch Pokémon!



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