Pokémon Gen 2 Could Launch At Anytime Now

As with each update, Niantic adds things that we don’t always see on the surface that could potentially roll out at any time. The newest patch is no different, as the data miners have once again uncovered some new information about the Generation 2 Pokémon.


First off, one thing that was added discreetly is that Pokémon Go players around the world have started noticing their Pokémon have genders. The most noticeable one so far has been Pikachu. The difference is in its tail. The female version has more of a heart shape at the end, while the male doesn’t.



While this doesn’t confirm anything, but it does make sense as to why they added genders: Breeding. That’s the only thing that make sense. Rumor is that Niantic is going to do a Chinese New Year’s event that will start around January 28th, maybe they roll out breeding then? It’s probably unlikely, but it could happen.

In this recent update, there were also 38 new moves added to the code which hasn’t been deployed yet. The great thing is that this can be rolled out at anytime now without adding a new patch, so Generation 2 could launch as early as today if Niantic wanted it to.

Powder Snow
Charge Beam
Volt Switch
Dragon Tail
Struggle Bug
Iron Tail
Fire Spin
Bullet Seed
Air Slash
Close Combat
Dynamic Punch
Focus Blast
Aurora Beam
Wild Charge
Zap Cannon
Brave Bird
Sky Attack
Sand Tomb
Rock Blast
Silver Wind
Night Shade
Gyro Ball
Heavy Slam
Grass Knot
Energy Ball
Future Sight
Mirror Coat
Foul Play

In addition to that, they have also added new Evolution Items as well. Sun Stone, King’s Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, and Upgrade have all been inserted into the game’s code. What does this mean? For those of you who aren’t Pokémon regulars, these items are used to evolve some of the Generation 2 Pokémon. Sun Stone evolves Bellossom from Gloom. King’s Rock evolves Politoed from Poliwhirl. Metal Coat evolves Steelix from Onix. Dragon Scale evolves Kingdra from Seadra. Lastly Upgrade evolves Porygon 2 from Porygon.

The main thing to realize here is that all of these Pokémon can only be evolved by trading with another player while holding the item associated with them. It looks like trading may finally be coming to Pokémon Go very soon as well.


Another thing added was new Pokémon forms. These only include the UNOWN Pokémon, as they have a form for each letter of the alphabet, a question mark, and an exclamation point. The UNOWN are a part of Generation 2, it will be interesting to see how they adapt those into the game.

Also added in the update within the code is a top-level button called “News”. This has been sorely need for quite some time to keep players informed of what’s going on. In addition to that, it looks like new customization features will be coming to the avatars as well in the form of Belts, Glasses, and Necklaces.

Lastly, there has been even more dabbling of the Shiny Pokémon code. It’s possible we could be seeing these very soon as well.

What do you all think about these currently hidden features that may be launching very soon? What are you most/least excited about?



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