Card of the Week: 1/18/17

Last week we saw Exp. Share as our Card of the Week. This week’s Card of the Week is an older card that has be re-released as a new set. It’s a favorite and its playability in any format is pretty decent. It comes from the XY: Evolutions expansion and it is a fire type. Have you guessed it already?

Yep, it’s none other than Charizard. It is from the XY: Evolutions set, it is #11 in the set and it is a rare card.



While it will take a few turns to gather all of the energy necessary to do Fire Spin (200), it’ll definitely pay off in the end. Especially if you are using our Card of the Week from a few weeks ago.  The Energy Burn ability makes it easier to get Charizard powered up to use his Fire Spin attack, especially if you’re using Double Colorless Energy in your deck.

One of the biggest changes from the original card to this one is that Fire spin now deals out 200 damage instead of 100, and the HP score has grown from 120 to 150. Another great thing is that this card is pretty powerful and it’s not even an EX card. Which if it’s knocked out, you don’t have to worry about a game ending 2 Prize Card draw.

What do you all think of this week’s Card of the Week? How are you using it in your decks?



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