Pokémon Sun & Moon Gets Patched

Pokémon Sun & Moon has just received a brand new patch for the game. Bringing the game up to Version 1.1, this patch will use up 296 blocks of your hard drive spaces on you 3DS. If you’re not wanting to patch your game, remember that you have to patch it to go online to participate in the events such as the Global Events and even battling.

This patch fixes a glitch with moves Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento on Battle Spot. Also it fixes a glitch where the winner of the game has Rocky Helmet knocks out the opponent when you’re knocked out. Lastly, it also fixes a glitch where certain Pokémon weren’t learning their moves when they evolved.

While Parting Shot and Memento have been fixed, they’re still not allowed in Battle Spot until Season 2 – which officially begins on January 17th, 2017.


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