Card of the Week 1/11/17

Continuing our new weekly feature for the Pokémon Trading Card Game franchise is this week’s new Card of the Week.  This week’s card comes from the Primal Clash set, among other sets. It’s a card that can be used in virtually any deck and be really effective.

This week’s card from Primal Clash is Exp. Share. It is an uncommon card and is #128 in the Primal Clash set. The strategy is pretty basic. You attach this card to one of your Pokémon, most likely a benched Pokémon, so when your attacking Pokémon gets knocked out you can immediately move an energy card over. This works great in pretty much any deck, it may be a simple strategy card – but it’s definitely effective.


What do you all think about this week’s Card of the Week? Is it currently in any of your decks? Do you have any suggestions from strategy for this card or a suggestion for next week’s Card of the Week? Let us know in the comments below!


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