Pokémon Sun/Moon Munchlax Event Reminder

The time is almost at an end as to where you can receive Munchlax in Pokemon Sun & Moon. This event is set to end on Wednesday, 1/11/17, so make sure you get into your Pokémon Sun or Moon game to receive it before it’s gone! This is just the first Pokémon to come to Pokémon Sun and Moon via Mystery Gift. Don’t miss out on it.

Munchlax comes paired with the moves Happy Hour and Hold Back. In addition, it also comes with the item Snorlium Z, a Z-Crystal exclusive to Snorlax which turns it’s Giga Impact move into Pulverising Pancake. It cannot be obtained through normal gameplay, it is pretty effective from all the times I’ve used it.


Who would you all like to see Game Freak and Nintendo release next in the Mystery Gift event?


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