Pokémon Stars Could Feature Up To 20 New Pokémon

First off, let’s establish that this is a rumor and is in no way 100% confirmation that it will happen. Now that’s out of the way. The word is that Pokémon Stars for the new home console from Nintendo, the Switch, could feature up to or at least 20 new Pokémon that did not appear in their handheld counterpart – Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Last week on a Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) session for the Nintendo Switch, video game journalist Laura Dale revealed that Pokémon Stars could feature 20 new Pokémon. While it doesn’t go on to say that if it will be “new” Alola forms, brand new Pokémon, or a combination of both – it is something we can almost get excited for. Personally, I was quite disappointed they didn’t include a new Eevee evolution…but I’m always wanting new Eevees.

Laura Dale has been known to leak credible information out, especially revolving around the Nintendo Switch console. In the rumor category, we’re going to go with this possibly being more 80% true and 20% false.

Does this mean that the Pokémon Stars will have exclusive Pokémon? This currently isn’t known either, but given the handheld capabilities of the Nintendo Switch it seems likely that it will possibly be able to trade via local wireless capabilities. A Nintendo Direct event is just a week away, hopefully we will see more details on Pokémon Stars then.


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