Pokémon Snap Hits Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that tomorrow, the Nintendo 64 cult classic Pokémon Snap will be heading to the Wii U Virtual Console! Overall, the game was very well received among critics – scoring a 77/100 on MetaCritic and 77.05% on GameRankings. It was originally released back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and it differs from most games in the Pokémon series – as you are tasked with photographing Pokémon instead of capturing them.

There are a total of 63 different Pokémon that you can photograph through 7 different stages in Pokémon Snap, including Pikachu, Mew, and Dragonite. Pokémon Snap has even influenced more recent games like Pokémon Sun & Moon with its Poké Finder mini-game.

With the Nintendo Switch releasing sometime later this year, maybe we can hope for a Pokémon Snap 2? Here’s to hoping!

Pokémon Snap will release in North America tomorrow for $9.99 through the Wii U Virtual Console store.




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