Card of the Week 1/1/17

Starting off the New Year, we wanted to bring some weekly features that everyone can look forward to. Starting this week, every Sunday we will bring you our “Card of the Week” feature where we pick a card and try to give you tips on how to use it. Our first card of the week comes to you from the BREAKthrough expansion set and it’s a card that Fire-type Pokémon have sorely needed for some time.

Our card of the week is: Burning Energy (Uncommon) BREAKthrough


Burning Energy is a Special Energy Card that comes from the BREAKthrough expansion set. It is an Uncommon Card and is #151 out of 162 in the BREAKthrough set. You are only allowed to have 4 Burning Energy cards in each deck though, but that should be more than enough.

This card can only be attached to 20px-fire Pokémon. This card provides 20px-fireEnergy only while this card is attached to a 20px-fire Pokémon.

If this card is discarded by an attack of the 20px-fire Pokémon this card is attached to, attach this card from your discard pile to that Pokémon after attacking.

(If this card is attached to anything other than a 20px-fire Pokémon, discard this card.)

What makes this card so great?

For Fire-type decks, this card is a Godsend. A lot of Fire-type cards powers that are really strong require the user to discard a 20px-fire energy to use that power. This basically negates the whole situation as long as Burning Energy is attached to a 20px-fire Pokémon card.

What are some good examples for this card?

  • Typhlosion, card #20 in BREAKthrough, has the Flare Destroy (130) attack. This attack causes you to discard an energy card to this Pokémon (as well as discarding an energy from your opponent’s active Pokémon). You are not only doing 130 damage each turn and getting your energy card back, but you’re also discarding your opponent’s energy card as well, making it very hard for them to attack you back.
  • Arcanine, card #11 in BREAKpoint, has Flamethrower (90) attack that requires you to discard an energy each time it is used.
  • Camerupt-EX, card #29 in Primal Clash, has the Explosive Jet (50X) attack which requires you to discard as many 20px-fire Energy attached to your Pokémon as you like. This attack does 50 damage times the number of Energy cards you discarded.

That rounds up our first ever Card of the Week feature, if you have any suggestions for us that you’d like to see us add to this – let us know in the comments below! Also, if you have any other combo tips for this card that we haven’t mentioned that you think is amazing, tell us about it!




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