Christmas Event For Pokémon Go Outed By Dataminers

Those dataminers over at The Silph Road waste no time when it comes to diving into new updates released by Niantic for Pokémon Go. We’ve all been eagerly awaiting some kind of announcement for a Christmas event. There were rumors going around the internet that we would see something similar to the Halloween event. What The Silph Road uncovered, while not confirmed, doesn’t seem to be the case.

The head guy over at The Silph Road, Dronpes, had this to say about what they found while diving into the games code: “Manage your hype responsibly, travelers. 🙂 We’re about to grasp at some straws. There is a chance something might happen over the holiday.”

What they found in the code was “Gift boxes.” Six unique gift boxes were added to the game’s code, and a metadata called “HasHolidayItems” and a new Shop button that has been re-designed to spread some holiday cheer.


Now what does this mean for the game? We can only sit and wait to find out. The rumor is that the Christmas event will launch tomorrow – Wednesday 12/21/16…but this has not in any way been confirmed by Niantic. What do you all think about these Gift Boxes and how will they be incorporated into the game?

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