Pokémon Sun & Moon – Battle Competition Is Live!

[Updated with a list of banned moves after the jump 12/16/16 @ 10:46 p.m.]

The next Battle Competition for Pokémon Sun & Moon is now live. The competition is a Single Battle style and uses a unique set of rules. You can use all Pokémon that are currently available in Pokémon Sun & Moon. This does include Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, and even Ash-Greninja. The catch is, you can only use one of these special Pokémon in your team. There are also no items allowed. All entrants will receive 50 Battle Points (BP). This competition only runs December 16th through December 18th – get in on it while you can!

Banned Moves: Memento, Doom Desire, Psycho Boost, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Lunar Dance, Crush Grip, Magma Storm, Dark Void, Seed Flare, Shadow Force, Searing Shot, Techno Blast, Relic Song, Secret Sword, Glaciate, Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, V-create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Parting Shot, Diamond Storm, Steam Eruption, Hyperspace Hole, Hold Hands, Origin Pulse, Precipice Blades, Dragon Ascent, Hyperspace Fury


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