Game Freak Talks About Pokémon On Nintendo Switch

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori recently sat down with Meristation for an interview on the potential of bringing a core Pokémon game to a home console – something that hasn’t been done thus far. What does this mean for the Pokémon franchise? Could this pave the way for future core titles to be released on the Nintendo home consoles?

In the interview, Masuda acknowledges Pokémon’s strength in local and communicative play – which could interpret quite well on the Nintendo Switch. This portable console could translate very well with Pokémon due to it’s ability to play locally or online. Not to mention we could also see a significant difference in the graphics – especially on the Unreal Engine 4 as you can see in this fan-made video below.

A rumored feature, that long-time Pokémon fans have wanted, is having a Pokémon companion walking around behind you. This feature was loved by fans in Pokémon Yellow, but on Pikachu was available to follow you around. Dataminers that have dived deep into Pokémon Sun and Moon have uncovered code buried deep within that confirms that intent is there. Maybe this is something they are holding off on for Pokémon Stars?


According to rumors around the web, Pokémon Stars development was slimmed down to get Pokémon Sun and Moon’s launch up a smooth as possible. These unknown sources have “confirmed” since Sun and Moon’s release, Pokémon Stars is back under full development, targeting a 2017 release date.

 Again, these are all rumors and should be treated as such until confirmed by Nintendo or Game Freak. It does give us some hope though for a core title on a Nintendo home console. What features would you like to see? How about even more new Pokémon?

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