New Pokémon Invade Pokémon Go!

We have been talking about the Generation 2 Pokémon for quite some time now. Players every have been debating on if it would be the Legendary Gen 1 Pokémon that would be available at last, or if the second generation would finally be rolling out. While they did announce there are some new Pokémon available starting today, I don’t think this is what anyone could have expected.

Starting today, there are a few select Generation 2 Pokémon that will be available to you. The catch is…you don’t actually catch them, they can only be hatched from eggs. Also they have released a special “limited edition Pikachu” who will done a Santa hat. This “Festive Pikachu” will be available starting today through December 29th. Niantic promises that the Festive Pikachu “will appear in large quantities during this period.” There has been no confirmation on the Christmas event either, just what we have speculated by rumors online of what it potentially could be.

Apparently the baby Pokémon show up in your PokéDex after catching a Festive Pikachu. Correction, it does show them as ???? in the PokéDex even before catch Festive Pikachu. Here is a few images of what trainers have been catching out of this new rollout so far:

We all know that the rest of the Generation 2 is well on its way, but are you all disappointed with this release or is it just enough to tide you over until they do release? Thoughts in the comments below!


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