Could Shiny Pokémon Come To Pokémon Go?

Developer Niantic may be pulling out all stops to get you Pokémon hunters back into action. The will be hosting a Christmas Event very soon, as well as adding the Generation II Pokémon to their ever popular mobile game. Despite overall number dropping, that’s not stopping Niantic from releasing updates to draw you back in. A new rumor suggests that Shiny Pokémon may be coming to Pokémon Go as well.

The data miners over at The Silph Road have dug into the most recent Android v0.49.1 update and have unearthed new evidence of possible features that we could be seeing soon. While none of these have been confirmed by Niantic, this is what they found:

  • Sound files for 100 new Pokemon (Gold/Silver added 100 new species)
  • Shiny Variants – highly rare, alternate colour schemes for Pokemon have existed since Gold/Silver, and seem to be in the offing for Go
  • Pokemon genders
  • Player avatar customisation – includes mentions of hair, shirt, pants, hat, shoes, eyes and backback
  • Possible microtransactions and in-game unlocks for customisation items
  • Pokemon costumes – the code points to special Holiday-themed clothes for your captured monsters

There is also mention of smaller tweaks, such as: new stances for Buddy Pokémon, placeholder names for sponsors, and tweaking the “Nearby” system even further.

Again, none of these features have been confirmed by Niantic – it does give us something to look forward to and hope for. What features could Niantic add that would make the game better for your or bring you back into playing it more regularly?



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